Friday, April 22, 2011

Fill In The Blanks ~ Good Friday

1.   Fridays are       meant for wrapping up the week and getting ready for the weekend, followed by pizza and a cocktail with the Mister while watching a show or two from the DVR that we didn't get to during the week  .

2.    Sunshine, random acts of kindness, puppies and hand holding    make me terribly happy.

3.  Something that inspires me is      all of the incredibly talented people I have 'met' since I began blogging at the beginning of this year. Seeing so many people successful at being self employed and living their dreams reminds me that it is possible, and keeps me from getting discouraged  .

4.  If I had the day off today I would     spend it making something from scratch. The best days for me are the ones where I can create something. I have ideas for mixed media art pieces, clothing designs and needlework projects all stored up in my head just waiting for a block of time to turn supplies from my massive stash into actual creations. Learning how to build more 'time off' into my schedule is high on my list of priorities!

5.  If I had to put a label on my home decor style, I would say my style is    organic. My aesthetic for my home and for life in general are very similar to what the Arts and Crafts movement was founded on a century ago. I favor clean lines and quality of materials over excessive ornamentation, and find myself drawn to things that are both useful and visually appealing. I prefer hand crafted to mass produced whenever possible. My home is an eclectic arrangement of the things that my mister and I use in our daily life and have collected over time, and everything in it makes us smile!   .

6.  Concerning politics I would say I'm       a registered Democrat, true to my upbringing. But I believe that a party affiliation should be the starting point for a personal philosophy, not the definition of it     .

7.  I'd like to go to       St. John, US VI      so I could       lay by the pool, walk on the beach, drink awesome cocktails and eat delicious food prepared for me and served to me by hands other than my own! All while soaking up the sun and recharging my energies  . 

 It's a holiday here in our world; one of those rare weekdays that my Mister doesn't have to go to the office.  We had planned to visit family out of town, but a particularly bad allergy flare up has made it necessary for me to avoid all triggers, especially dogs and cats that shed.  So we find ourselves at home with no plans!  I see some Easter weekend church services followed by dining out in some very lovely restaurants in our immediate future.  Yay!

Some Good Friday thoughts I find inspiring:

"We may say that on the first Good Friday afternoon was completed that great act by which light conquered darkness and goodness conquered sin. That is the wonder of our Saviour's crucifixion."- Phillips Brooks

"The cross was two pieces of dead wood; and a helpless, unresisting Man was nailed to it; yet it was mightier than the world, and triumphed, and will ever triumph over it."- Augustus William Hare

"God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son."- John 3:16

xoxo, Anita

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