Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Doll Collection, Identified

Let me familiarize you with all of these lovely ladies, in the event that you are not already acquainted.  From left to right we start with a vintage Crissy doll with re-rooted hair, pierced ears and a hand made outfit.  A close family friend calls her the "Anita Edition". Love him!! 

Second from left is a re pro 1967 Twist n Turn Barbie in the Zokko ensemble.

To the right and slightly behind her is a re pro 1969 Dark Brown Marlo in the Twist N Turn ensemble.

Next to her is a re pro 1971 Malibu Barbie in the Lemon Kick outfit.

Next we have an original Kerry, Crissy's friend, by Ideal.  In front of her is an original cousin Mia, also from the Crissy family.

Nest to her is a 2007 first issue Ashton-Drake Blythe doll in a 1972 dress from Kenner.

The next doll is an original, first edition, first issue Crissy doll.

Next to her is a first edition Dancerina, a first Edition Swingy, and a 1969 Marlo Flip Brunette Barbie in an original issue bathing suit.
I love my pretty dolls!

xoxo, a.


  1. Anita your dolls scare me. :-) See you soon!

  2. @Janicki-Howe~ ha! I wrote a blog comment earlier today about how much my dolls scare you. They will be moved to the sewing/craft room, hopefully before you visit again! Love you!!


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