Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pretty Things That Are Making Me Smile

From the moment I first discovered Etsy, I have been hooked. It is a vintage loving girls dream come true!  But it is also a collection of some of the finest independent designers and artisans I have ever seen, and after only a short time as a member of the Etsy team, I have sworn to forsake mass manufactured goods in favor of hand crafted whenever possible.  I thought I would share some of my lovely finds with you.  Be cautioned however; Etsy is highly addicting! 

These first two are both hand made in Australia.  Etsy has made me global, too!  Click on the picture for a link to the lovely shop that they came from.

I just love this apron, handmade from vintage fabric and embellished with vintage buttons.  I feel fancy every time I wear it!

You know that an artist loves her creations when she names them.  These lovely brooches answer to Barry and Diana, and add charm to my winter coats.

I have been looking for just the right hoop for my cartilage piercing for a while now.  This is what I found:

It is offered in your choice of three gold colors; yellow, rose or white, three sizes, and as a single or a pair.  I got the single mini for my cartilage, and true to it's press, it is comfortable to sleep in!  It arrived super fast, just a few days after I ordered it, which made me soooo happy!  And it came complete with instructions on how to get it into your ear.  It took me a few minutes, but since I've put it in, I don't even know it is there. 

I am a fan of mixing metals, so I think I need to save for some of the other colors and sizes to wear together and separately in my multiple piercings.  Head over to 'I Dream I Can Fly' and check them out for yourself and tell me what you think!

This pretty thing has become a fast favorite for turning a bad hair day into a good hair day, or on a day when I just feel like adding a little twist.

I think that these are super versatile and look great on everyone.  If you don't mind getting lots of compliments, get one for yourself!

That's all I have for now; I'm off to do some more work on my blogging e-course.  Happy First of March!

xoxo, A.

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