Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Pretty Camera Bag

In just a short time here on blog world I have learned how important it is to present pleasing images in posts.  For me, this is very much a work in progress!  I have also learned how much bloggers love cameras and their bags.  Being a lover of pretty things I am no exception, and I am excited to show them off!    

After doing a lot of research, I decided on a Jo's Tote bag.  I LOVE it!  It is the mustard yellow Rose bag, and it has a brown and cream herringbone interior.

I carry three cameras and everything that goes with them inside.  My main camera is a 10 year old Sony with a Carl Zeiss lens that I inherited from my significant other.  There are several lens attachments for it that I am learning about, which is great fun!

I also have a tiny 12.1 mega pixel Sony Cyber Shot, which goes everywhere with me.  It is in my camera bag when I take it out, and I drop it in my purse when the bag is too much to carry.  Another thing I have learned since starting to blog is to never let a photo op pass!

My third camera is my most recent acquisition; it just arrived on Friday.  It is a Fuji Instax Mini Instant Camera.  I had no idea how popular, or delightful, these were until I started blogging!  I adore this camera!  It takes credit card sized photos that develop in minutes as you watch, just like the Polaroids I remember from years ago.  If you are at all a fan of photography, I highly recommend it! 

The pretty little zipper clutch with the roses on it is a bangle wristlet from {A03} Designs on Etsy.  It is perfect to hold my drivers license, a bit of cash (so as not to let a thrifting opportunity pass by!) and the all important don't-leave-home-without-it lip gloss while I'm out and about looking for pretty images to capture with my cameras.

I am spending some time today packing up pretty things to send out.  Fabric scraps and bits of fun for a swap, and a basket of embroidery essentials for the lucky giveaway winner. 

Have a beautiful Tuesday!  Smile, and say 'cheese'!

xoxo, a.


  1. hey! you should fill out your swap bot profile!! I have another swap for blog comments, it could help fill out your profile rating! there are ten partners so there are all your ratings!

  2. Hi Anita! I love your camera bag! It is sooo stylish! Are you participating in Tara's scrap swap? Have a great eve!!!

  3. @Hearthandmade~ I will do that! Later today or tomorrow.
    @Ooh Leela!~ Thank you! And yes, I am doing Tara's swap. Did I read on your blog that you are, too?
    xo, A,


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