Monday, March 21, 2011

Pretty Baby Things

I seem to be getting a lot of baby shower invites lately, so I decided to stitch a few pretties to put in the gift bags along side the necessities from the gift registries.

Fit for a princess~

for a prince ~

and for a visit to everyone's favorite babysitter ~

If you embroider, you know that the soft fabric that onesies are made from are not the easiest things to stitch on!  The 'prince' onesie was a disappointment, so it is back in the hoop!  Some things work perfectly on the first try, others not so much.

I'm moving on to embroidery hoop art; I need to get one sent out for a swap hosted by this Oh So Lovely blogger.  I'll have a sneak peak later in the week!

Happy crafting, friends!

xoxo, A.


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