Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lovely Links

Spring seems to be on everyone's minds these days!  On the 'Oh So Lovely' blog they are well into the second week of Spring Fling, and there is also an Embroidery Hoop Art Swap that started today.  If this interests you, please sign up!  Who knows, maybe you'll be the recipient of my creation, already sketched out in my notebook.  I know I would just love to receive yours!

The Spring issue of Heather Bullard's 'Souvenir (A Seasonal Lifestyle Gazette)' just hit my in box, and from the very first glance it is just too lovely for words.  If you did not receive one, head right over to her blog and sign up for a free copy!

It is a typically dreary, overcast late winter's day here in the Mid-Atlantic, but all around the web, it definitely feels like spring!

Have a lovely day!
xoxo, A.

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