Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Saturday ~ Welcome New Friends!

Thank you and welcome to my new followers!  I am so happy that you are here!  Isn't Mollie's blog the best?  Wild Olive is one of the first blogs I started reading on a daily basis, so it was an obvious choice for my first foray into sponsorship, and my first giveaway.  Good luck to everyone that entered!  I am so excited about the response, and I only wish that I could send each and every one of you a lovely basket.

Is everyone having a fun Saturday?  I am working on embroidery hoop art.  I am participating in an exchange on the blog Oh So Lovely, and I also want to hang a few with inspiring messages in my sewing studio, which is a (slow moving!) work in progress.

Here are a few of the fabric, felt and trim combos I have put together:

I love crafting days!  I hope that your Saturday is wonderful however you spend it.

xoxo, A.


  1. Love the fabrics you have chosen. Hope we get to see the finish! Have a great weekend

  2. Hi Ruby! I will be sharing the finished results, I promise!
    xoxo, A.

  3. Hi! I went and saw baby farm animals, went to a consignment/thrift store, and drew a duckling for my blog. It was a fun day :)


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