Thursday, March 17, 2011

First Blog Sponsorship Appearance, and Smiling Irish Eyes

I was sooooo busy yesterday planning my spring sewing projects (more on that later) and working on the design for my new sewing space that I missed seeing my very first blog sponsorship appearance ever!

I picked one of the first blogs that I started reading, 'Wild Olive; The Blog of Mollie Johanson', for my first foray into the world of blog sponsorship this month.  It has been fun to see my button on her page when I pop over to read her daily posts.  I'm aware that this may sound silly to seasoned bloggers, but this little thing, as well as every new comment by a reader on a post and every new follower gives me such a thrill!  One that I hope never wears off.  :-)

Mollie shares a new story at the beginning of every month, and then posts about it throughout the month, including a post in which all of her sponsors answer a story related question.  Here is the picture that I gave her to go along with my answer:

 Visit her delightful blog for yourself here to see just what I am talking about in the picture bubble!

And on another note, Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Being of Irish descent ~ my mother was 100% Irish lass, red hair and all! ~ I love that there is a day dedicated to the wearing of the green and celebrating all things Irish.

So pin on your shamrock and pick up your green beer.  Slainte!

xoxo, A.

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