Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oscar and Vintage Dresses

The 83rd Academy Awards airs tomorrow, and I'm all set to watch.  I must confess though, that I am mainly watching for the fashions.  I don't  generally watch award shows, opting instead to read Internet recaps of the winners, but I tend to make an exception for the Oscars.  Everyone really goes all out for that one!  What I look forward to most is the red carpet parade of bea-ut-i-ful dresses.  I especially love it when someone chooses a vintage gown, and go all kinds of crazy trying to see it at every angle in all of its sspectacularly preserved glory. 

This stunning Vintage Valentino worn by Julia Roberts in 2001 when she won for Erin Brokovich remains my all time favorite.

Pure glamour, and pure class.

Speaking of glamor and class, I can't resist an opportunity to mention my favorite leading lady of all time, Bette Davis.  There are several stories about how the Academy Award statuette came to be dubbed "Oscar", but my favorite credits Ms. Davis, claiming that she named him for her first husband, band leader Harmon Oscar Nelson, when she won her first Academy Award in 1935.

Here she is in the stunning dress from Jezebel, for which she won her second Oscar in 1938.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!  For my part, I'm hoping for some great vintage dress sightings!


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