Friday, February 11, 2011

Inspirational Friday--Gorgeously Green!

I mentioned last week that some of the blog posts I was reading were inspiring me to update my green living practices, and I even went so far as to pull one of my favorite books off of the shelf for ideas on things that I haven't been doing, or that I can do better.  This is the book:

They had me at the title alone, but in case additional convincing is needed, this from the back cover is sure to do it, from the forward by Julia Roberts: "...I love to shop, I love to cook, I love to feel that I have done one thing a day to educate myself making the world a better, stronger place to live in..." Here is the advice we need!

The author and I have similar motto's in our lives; one thing can make a difference. Flick off a light switch, buy an organic apple; it all counts!

The first step is to simply become aware.  What can you do today that will have a positive impact on the environment?  One of the first changes I made in my home, that we continue to do every day without even thinking about now, was to set up a recycling program.  There are countless items available to make this simple, and after doing the necessary research I found that what works for us are a few step on divided trash cans. Left side trash, right side recycled. Because of soda cans, dog food containers and the like, plastic liners are a necessity for us, but there are many options available made from recycled materials.  We have a good recycling program in our area also, which is a big help.  The parks department will provide you with all of the containers you can use, or if you are like me and they never make it back from the curb, a big "X" on the bag is all they need to know how to sort.  What amazed me the most about this undertaking is that about 2/3 of what I put out there every week is in the "recycle me please" pile.  Who knew that so much of what we use is made up of components that can be re purposed?  Talk about a positive impact on the environment people, and all that is required is separating your trash!  Simple, simple!

For me, being a collector of vintage and living green go hand in hand.  Isn't a love of vintage about finding ways to continue to use, re-style and re purpose the items already in existence?  It makes me happy to carry a hand bag or wear a pair of earrings that my grandmother, or someones grandmother wore, to be part of it's history for a while. 

Stay tuned for further musings on living green.  In the meantime, happy Friday, everyone!


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