Friday, February 25, 2011

Inspirational Friday--Blog Love!

I find inspiration all around me; in my books, from my friends and family, from the music that my love plays, from the boundless joy of my puppies. 

I also enjoy searching for and discovering new sources of inspiration to challenge me and make me better at whatever I am doing.  Yesterday I found that in an e-course on blogging.  I am so happy about this discovery!  I can already tell that it will challenge me to further develop my own voice and style, rather than to just follow a mold set out by someone else, as some of the blogging tutorials that are out there seem to do.

First challenge: identify theme for blog.  Easy-peasy! As the title suggests, my intended themes are vintage and sewing, and fun with both.

If my life had a mission statement, it would be to find the joy in the moments. It is there in all of them, but sometimes you have to work to find it, and that is where the challenge comes in.  It is easy to find the joy in the moments like a Christmas morning surrounded by family and friends.  Not so easy in moments like saying goodbye to a beloved friend, pet, job, home.  But it is there; in the person by your side that won't let go of your hand, the wagging tail of a new puppy waiting to be loved, the sunshine that warms your face and dries your tears. 

I intend to write about the things that I love and now have time for in my life; my passion for all things vintage, making things for myself, my home, and to share with others, and a commitment to a lifestyle that centers on things that are earth friendly and healthy for mind, body and spirit. 

I hope that you will take this journey with me!

xoxo, Anita


  1. This sounds great Anita!..If only I could be so focused;)

  2. You are, Nichole! You are one of my sources of inspiration! Read this: :-)


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