Monday, February 7, 2011

Fun With Felt!!

I made this adorable little gnome and his mushroom out of felt this weekend from a pattern by Aimee Ray.  They are going to look so nice with the quilt made from the stitch along patterns!  These are the first stuffed things I have made from felt, and they were so much fun! 

The pattern and directions were clear and easy to follow.  I cut out the pattern pieces for the gnome and stitched them together with invisible thread, traced the embroidery design onto tissue paper, pinned it onto the assembled felt and stitched away!  The tissue paper held up well for the stitching but removed easily when I was done.  Then I just rolled him, stitched half the back seam and stuffed his top half before I finished the back seam and attached about half of the bottom circle.  Then it was simple to stuff him good and full and sew up the bottom.

There is no pattern for the mushroom, but it was as easy as can be!  I used the bottom circle pattern from the gnome for the two pieces of the mushroom cap, and made the dots by tracing a thimble on white felt.  I used a spool of thread as a guide for the stem, cutting a circle for the bottom and a rectangle big enough to wrap around the spool for the stem part.  After sewing the stem seam and the bottom on I stuffed it and sewed it tto the bottom peice of the mushroom cap, then sewed on the top peice halfway, stuffed and finished the seam.

I see many fun felt projects in my future.  Happy crafting!

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