Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Friday Filled With Inspiration

Soooo many things inspired me yesterday!  With every click of my touch pad, more inspiration abounded. 

First was Nichole of the blog 'I Was Only Stitching' and her post The Thrift Interview, which not only led me to a new blog to follow, it also inspired me to go pull a book off of my bookshelf and commit to updating my green living practices.  (More about all of this next week!)

Then I spent some time on the Etsy blog.  I highly recommend it anytime you are in need of inspiration!  I was inspired to run (I can't wait until it warms up!), and to cut and sew, and plant and grow. I was inspired to write and to read and to share all of it here. 

Around the time that I was posting week three and four's Doodle Stich Along pieces, Doodle Stitch author Aimee Ray was sharing her mini quilt.  I love it!  I pulled out the Fons and Porter design wall and my box of fabrics and designed the quilt that I am going to stitch up.  My version is going to be crib sized and a gift for my friend Angel's new baby girl, arriving in March.  I will be sharing the path to the finished project here next week, too! 

And on this Saturday morning I am inspired to go make a pancake breakfast for my love, finish my list for an afternoon trip to Jo Ann's for a few supplies, and to make a dinner reservation for a lovely evening out with good friends. 

Have a wonderful, inspired Saturday, all!


  1. Hey! Thanks for that, I'm glad to have helped in any inspiration:) I'm really wanting to make a mini quilt, so if you start yours please post all about it, as I am still very new to quilting.

  2. You're welcome, Nichole! I actually have fabric for a patchwork quilt that I plan to start later this week, so I will share the process. I am hoping that it will help me figure out how I want to put together the Doodle Stitching one!


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