Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bringing Vintage Into Your World

Love vintage, but not sure how it fits into your style?  Play with accessories!

Think about the way that you accessorize your outfits, and replace a key piece or two with something vintage.  Do you change your earrings with every outfit?  Add a few vintage pairs to your collection.  Do you make sure that your handbag matches whatever you are wearing?  Collect vintage bags!

As you start your vintage collection, look for pieces that fit easily into your wardrobe, which will insure that you will actually use it.  Even if that minaudiere you just found is both the most beautiful thing you have ever seen AND priced to steal, if you're like me and need a minimum of a compact, lipstick, keys, license, bank card and cell phone everywhere you go, it's just not going to get used.  On the other hand, this small-ish, black patent Kelly style bag gets taken out to dinner almost every week:

I have paired it with the daytime dress that needed a quick update for an evening out, more than one LBD, and even the stunning Diane Von Furstenberg jersey gown that I wore to the Kennedy Center on New Year's Eve. 

As you begin to experiment with vintage, have fun!  Also, don't forget that the most important "rule" of fashion is to wear what you love!


  1. Great advice! And I love that cute:)

  2. Thanks, Nichole! And I love the bag too; I just wish that I could find it in "kitchen sink" size for everyday!


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