Tuesday, February 8, 2011

10 Not-So-Secrets

I think that every new crafty, artsy, vintage loving blogger quickly finds their way over to Red Velvet and A Beautiful Mess, blog of founder Elsie Flannigan.  I owe my path there to (no surprise here, readers!) Jenny Hart from Sublime Stitching.  Shortly after I became a regular reader, customer and stitcher of all things Sublime, Jenny introduced a tote made from a Red Velvet Art painting by Elsie, the Oh Alice! Elsie Tote.  I snapped one up and stitched it for myself, and use it to carry my current project around to my various favorite work areas.  One of the perks to having the house to ones self all day means that the whole thing becomes one big work room.  But that is a story for another post.  Here is my version of their sublime collaboration:

If you haven't been over to Red Velvet this week, get over there immediately and check out the lovely new website.  I want EVERYTHING on it!  The styling is beautiful!  The photos amazing!  And those cupcakes; don't even get me started! 

On Elsie's blog she has a picture with a link New Reader? Start Here. I did, and made a list of my own in honor of her '10 Funny Habits and Guilty Pleasures' list.  I call mine the Not-So-Secrets, because everyone who knows me even just a little will tell you that I am pretty much an open book, and these things will come as no surprise to them.  But since you and I are just getting to know each other, fellow blogger, I felt like sharing.  I would love it if you made a list, too, and shared a link in the comments section.  Happy writing!

1.  I strongly dislike dressing rooms, and shopping (in traditional, not vintage, stores) in general. I can't even tell you the last time I was in one. I make most of my clothing purchases on line, and try them on in my own lovely bedroom.  If it does not fit or is not flattering I return it (if it's new) and pass it along or re imagine it if it is vintage.

2.  I strongly dislike the phone.  I cringe every time it rings.  I LOVE every person that calls me, but I would much rather A) visit in person, or B) chat via i.m. or email.  This is because I multi task when alone, always.  I watch TV or video while on  my laptop, read while riding my stationary bike, bake and sew in tandem, and the list goes on. 

3.  I view my Maltese as my children.  Bob and I call them our kids, and they truly are.

4.  I love cheeseburgers, in all of their forms.  Sliders, big macs, hot off the grill.  In Angus, bison and turkey.  Yum.  With french fries always, hand cut if possible, sweet potato and I love you!

5.  I love chocolate and coffee, separately and together. A mug and a cupcake, espresso brownies, dark chocolate covered beans...

6.  Vineyards are heaven, and I love good wine. 

7.  This one is a little embarrassing, because I am an organic and green and minimal footprint preaching person.  I NEED Coke 0.  Before my coffee, on my nightstand while I sleep so that I can have a sip when I wake up, Coke 0 is a necessity for me.  I would love to say that I drink water all day, but there it is.  In a can or a bottle.  Coke 0.  But at least I recycle them.  :-)

8.  I collect many things; too many maybe.  Vintage; all items.  Hats, bags, clothing. shoes.  Costume jewelry and statement pieces.  Books and other print media, DVDs and Cd's.  Pretty lingerie.  Dolls.  Fabric and embellishments. Thread.  My space is filled with these collections.  Luckily, my wonderful man enjoys collections of his own, and they share space in harmony.

9.  I adore the sunshine and outdoors.  And even though I am happy with my decision to forgo the tan and rock the pale, I miss that lovely golden color that my skin turns in the sun.

10.  I saved the most important for last, because all else wanes by comparison.  I believe in God; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  I feel his love fill me, and I do all that I can to live his love in every way, every day.  I believe that every person has this beautiful and amazing love inside of them, and that all they need to do is release their fears and doubts to discover it.  I pray every day that they do.



  1. You had me at "cheeseburgers";)....and oh how I relate to the new "pale" that I am, I too miss the golden shade I used to be! Great list.

  2. Nichole, I would love to read yours, if you feel inspired to write one! :-)


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