Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting started (again!) as a sewer.

As a self professed long obsessed book person, when I decided that I wanted to quilt the first thing I needed to do was purchase, you guessed it!---a book.  I looked at many, many publications before I decided on Better Homes and Gardens "Complete Guide to Quilting".  I normally collect volumes on the subject matter of my focus, but not this time.  This one book gave me all of the information that I needed, and will become to my sewing room what "The Joy of Cooking" was to my first kitchen, but instead of flour dust and cinnamon and the scent of spices wafting up, this one will have little snippets of thread and fabric that randomly drift out.

Once I read the book and decided on my first project (a baby quilt with both patchwork and applique), I began to list and acquire every single tool and supply that I would need to construct said quilt, start to finish. I do tend to be a bit of an organizer. And such fun; shopping with a purpose!  Laptop and debit card at hand, I contemplated pins and needles, thread and fabric, scissors and such in shapes and sizes and types that I did not even know existed! 

When I got to the book chapter addressing the applique portion of my project, I learned that there were two ways to accomplish this task; by hand or by machine.  As I read about hand applique, I quickly discovered all of those fun embroidery stitches I learned years ago.  Then a truly inspired idea hit me---why not get a hoop and a needle and a thread and some fabric and a pattern or two and practice all of those stitches while I waited for all my quilting goodies to arrive?! 

And then a true obsession was born.  The moment that my needle pierced that first piece of fabric I fell head over heels in love (again!) with stitching.

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